23 junho 2014

Listas: Artigos mais engraçados em Economia

O interessante da lista é a presença de "grandes" nomes da economia.

1. “Life among the Econ” (1973) by Axel Leijonhufvud

2. “The theory of interstellar trade” (1978/2010) by Paul Krugman

3. “The effect of prayer on God’s attitude toward mankind” (1980/2010) by James Heckman

4. “The conference handbook” (1982) by George Stigler

5. “Macroeconomic policy and the optimal destruction of vampires” (1982) by Dennis Snower

6. “American economic growth and the voyage of Columbus” (1983) by Preston McAfee

7. “Mankiw’s ten principles of economics, translated” (2003) by Yoram Bauman

8. “Can financial innovation help to explain the reduced volatility of economic activity?” (2006) by Karen E. Dynan et al.

9. “Japan’s Phillips Curve looks like Japan” (2008) by Gregor Smith (Figura)

10. “On the efficiency of AC/DC? Bon Scott versus Brian Johnson” (2009) by Robert Oxoby

11. “An option value problem from Seinfeld” (2011) by Avinash Dixit

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