11 setembro 2022

Exemplo de professoras mulheres

Veja que interessante: professoras mulheres servem de exemplo para estudantes mulheres. Certamente temos exemplos para contar, mas uma pesquisa, usando dados do passado, constatou isto. Eis o resumo:

It is widely believed that female students benefit from being taught by female teachers, particularly when those teachers serve as counter-stereotypical role models. We study education in rural areas of the US circa 1940–a setting in which there were few professional female exemplars other than teachers–and find that female students were more successful when their primary-school teachers were disproportionately female. Impacts are lifelong: female students taught by female teachers were more likely to move up the educational ladder by completing high school and attending college, and had higher lifetime family income and increased longevity.

Via aqui. Foto: ThisisEngineering RAEng

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