10 novembro 2022

Novelas e Contadores

Da revista da FSA  

The present research aims to analyze the stereotypes of the accountant characters represented in Brazilian soap operas, between 2010 and 2020. We selected six television productions produced by Rede Globo that contained accountants in their plot were selected. We chose Rede Globo productions for their leadership in the audience and production of soap operas in the country which it can impact society. We accessed the telenovelas' websites to extract character descriptions and identify the physical, behavioral, and attitude characteristics of the accountants. Therefore, we adopted Langer's classification (2004) to analyze the characteristics and professional skills associated with the characters in the face of prevailing stereotypes in literature: traditional accountant and contemporary accountant. We found out that the characters were represented by male individuals, they were involved in illicit activities, and they have a life without major changes; none of them were protagonists or belonged to the central environment of the novels. Only one character was represented by a black actor, which makes room for greater representation of the accountant. Among the professional skills, the representation based on the stereotype of the traditional accountant who, in the exercise of accounting functions, are meticulous, perform numerical tasks of a technical and operational nature, is still predominant. While two characters have management positions in companies and are associated with the stereotype of the contemporary accountant. Taken together, the results illustrate the need for productions to convey positive characteristics linked to the accountant, especially to the activity of contemporary accounting professionals.

A Representação do Contador nas Novelas Brasileiras: Análise dos Estereótipos - Revista FSA . out2022, Vol. 19 Issue 10, p347-365. 19p. Ribeiro Silva, Mariana Cristina; Alves Arantes, Vagner; Aparecido Batista, Donizete; da Fonseca Tonin, Joyce Menezes

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