15 outubro 2018

Algoritmos de machine learning fracassam no mercado

Machine learning is enabling investors to tap huge data sets such as social media postings in ways that no mere human could. Yet, despite the enormous potential, its record remains mixed. The Eurekahedge AI Hedge Fund Index, which tracks the returns of 13 hedge funds that use machine learning, has gained only 7 percent a year for the past five years, while the S&P 500 returned 13 percent annually. This year the Eurekahedge benchmark dropped 5 percent through September.

One of the potential pitfalls for machine learning strategies is the extremely low signal-to-noise ratio in financial markets, says Marcos López de Prado, who joined AQR Capital Management as head of machine learning in September and is the author of the 2018 book Advances in Financial Machine Learning. “Machine learning algorithms will always identify a pattern, even if there is none,” he says. In other words, the algorithms can view flukes as patterns and hence are likely to identify false strategies. “It takes a deep knowledge of the markets to apply machine learning successfully to financial series,” López de Prado says.

Nigol Koulajian echoes that view. The founder and chief investment officer at Quest Partners, a New York-based systematic macro hedge fund that manages $1.7 billion, says that quants coming out of finance programs and high-tech companies often expect to create optimizations at a much higher level of precision than is warranted in finance. “They’re coming with a mindset that we’re going to conquer the world with big data,” Koulajian says. In finance, though, the market regime is not static, and markets aren’t closed systems like a chess game. “You can have one little pin drop that can basically make you lose over 20 years of returns,” he says.


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