03 outubro 2018

Futuro do contador nos EUA

A demanda por contadores nos EUA continuará alta pelos próximos 10 anos, segundo o Departamento de Estatística de Trabalho daquele país. O crescimento da demanda por contadores será maior que a média das demais profissões.

In 2016, the government counted 1,397,700 people working in the field as auditors and accountants. By 2026 they anticipate a growth of 10 percent or 139,900 jobs, bringing total employment to 1,537,600.

Over the next eight years many CPAs will retire, which is significant growth because it’s growth over and above filling jobs as CPAs retire. Also worth noting, for the first time the number of partners over 50 declined from 69.9 percent to 65.6 percent, due to retirements. The national average is about 55.7 percent in smaller firms.

Why is the Profession Growing?

The BLS report gives four reasons for growth:

1. A Growing Economy. More new companies means more financial records to be analyzed and

2. More IPOs. Once a private company goes public, the amount of financial reporting increases substantially.

3. Globalization. Doing business overseas means complying with multiple tax codes. There are issues related to M&A and trade.

4. Technological Advancement. While routine accounting tasks will be more automated, the advisory and analytical role of the job will move to center stage.

Where’s the Demand for Accountants?

The BLS also reports the top five states for growth in the accounting profession will be California, Texas, New York, Florida and Pennsylvania.

The BLS has an overall job growth projection for all occupations as 7 percent over the 2016 – 2026 period. With 10 percent growth in the accounting sector and 19 percent growth in the financial manager sector, skills within this industry are in high demand.

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