15 dezembro 2018

Enganando um algoritmo de AI


DespDespite  excellent  performance  on  stationary  test  sets, deep  neural  networks  (DNNs)  can  fail  to  generalize  to out-of-distribution  (OoD)  inputs,  including  natural,  non-adversarial ones, which are common in real-world settings.
In this paper, we present a framework for discovering DNN failures that harnesses 3D renderers and 3D models.  That is, we estimate the parameters of a 3D renderer that cause a target DNN to misbehave in response to the rendered image.  Using our framework and a self-assembled dataset of 3D objects, we investigate the vulnerability of DNNs to OoD poses of well-known objects in ImageNet.  For objects that are readily recognized by DNNs in their canonical poses, DNNs incorrectly classify 97% of their pose space. In addition, DNNs are highly sensitive to slight pose perturbations.
Importantly, adversarial poses transfer across models and datasets.  We find that 99.9% and 99.4% of the poses misclassified by Inception-v3 also transfer to the AlexNet and ResNet-50 image classifiers trained on the same ImageNet dataset, respectively, and 75.5% transfer to the YOLOv3 object detector trained on MS COCO

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