28 agosto 2022

Modelo de capital intangível

Um modelo para intangíveis propõe tratar de duas características:

Our main contribution is to propose a simple model that captures these two core economic properties of intangibles — non-rivalry within the firm, and limits to excludability. The model has a number of novel theoretical implications. Non-rivalry implies that intangibles are ”scalable”, in a specific sense: the stock of intangibles of the firm, and the firm’s span or scope, are complements. However, imperfect excludability can also limit the incentive for entrepreneurs, managers, or key personnel to create and develop intangibles, potentially leading to inefficiently low investment.

A ideia é a seguinte:

Even once the intangible is stored in a particular medium, it can be difficult to assign control and cash flow rights to the surplus that it creates. We refer to this property as limited excludability. Without some degree of excludability, intangible capital cannot become an intangible asset

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