08 dezembro 2017

Agrados aos clientes

Como tratar os "agrados" aos clientes? Um questão no Quora mostrou um exemplo interessante, de um cassino:

O cassino tem "promotional allowances", que a empresa define da seguinte forma:

The retail value of accommodations, food and beverage, and other services furnished to guests without charge is included in gross revenues and then deducted as a promotional allowance. Promotional allowances also include incentives earned in our slot bonus program such as cash, complimentary play, and the estimated retail value of goods and services (such as complimentary rooms and food and beverages). We reward customers, through the use of bonus programs, with points based on amounts wagered that can be redeemed for a specified period of time, principally for complimentary play, and to a lesser extent for goods or services, depending upon the property.

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