05 agosto 2020

Análise Textual do Wall Street Journal : 1984-2017


We propose an approach to measuring the state of the economy via textual analysis of business news. From the full text content of 800,000 Wall Street Journal articles for 1984–2017, we estimate a topic model that summarizes business news as easily interpretable topical themes and quantifies the proportion of news attention allocated to each theme at each point in time. We then use our news attention estimates as inputs into statistical models of numerical economic time series. We demonstrate that these text-based inputs accurately track a wide range of economic activity measures and that they have incremental forecasting power for macroeconomic outcomes, above and beyond standard numerical predictors. Finally, we use our model to retrieve the news-based narratives that underly “shocks” in numerical economic data.

The Structure of Economic News Leland Bybee, Bryan T. Kelly, Asaf Manela, and Dacheng Xiu. 2020.pdf

Wall Street Journal vai falar palavrão

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