19 março 2009

Promovendo a Universidade através do Blog

A Universidade George Mason parece ter desenvolvido uma vantagem comparativa em blogar. A The Economist e a American Spectator fazem a constatação:

THE ECONOMIST -- Compared to other economics departments, George Mason appears to have developed a comparative advantage in blogging. Lots of top departments produce good research and competition for talent (both new professors and graduate students) is fierce. Anecdotally, it sounds as if George Mason may actually be attracting more quality students and faculty because of the higher profile it gained from blogging.

AMERICAN SPECTATOR -- What is clear, though, is that not only does George Mason have a comparative advantage in blogging, but also that it's to everyone's advantage to have these economists sharing their thoughts in an approachable format. In fact, I'm almost tempted to say that I've learned more reading Marginal Revolution, Econlog, Cafe Hayek, and Overcoming Bias than I did getting a degree in economics from a top-20 university. By maintaining these blogs GMU economists have raised the level of discourse with non-economists from basically zero.

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