25 março 2009

Dinheiro ou Cartão de Crédito

Mais uma pesquisa comprova que as pessoas gastam mais quando usam o cartão de crédito. E gastam menos quando elas olham suas despesas com detalhes.

Um estudo apresentado no Journal of Experimental Psychology com 114 participantes mostraram quando se gastaria usando caixa ou cartão de crédito numa refeição.

This fascinating study suggests that we are more emotionally attached to our cash when given the choice of paying with cash or with a credit card. Perhaps it is the burden of not knowing what will happen with the economy.
Here is an analogy that is akin to the researchers’ findings: When individuals play the game of Monopoly, one player may tend to spend like crazy buying properties, houses, and hotels while another player may reserve the money for those properties that will yield the highest return. It’s something to think about!
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