28 julho 2017

Leda Braga, rainha dos quants é brasileira

Leda Braga, 48, is considered the most powerful female hedge fund manager in the world.

In January, she launched her fund, Systematica Investments, a computer-driven fund.

With $8.8 billion in assets, Braga manages more than any other female hedge fund manager and more than many other funds run by men.

Before heading out on her own, Braga spent 14 years managing BlueCrest's biggest fund — the computer-driven BlueTrend fund.

Before that, she worked with BlueCrest's founders at JPMorgan as a quantitative analyst on the firm's derivatives research team.

The Brazilian-born portfolio manager, who holds a Ph.D. from Imperial College, joined BlueCrest when she was 34-weeks pregnant.

In the male-dominated world of Wall Street, Braga said she hasn't experienced difficulties.

"What can I say? Me, personally, I've always liked to work," she said at the CNBC Delivering Alpha Conference held at the Pierre Hotel in midtown Manhattan on Wednesday.

"She's so impressive," one attendee was overheard saying.
The Future of Trading

The "queen of the quants," as Braga is sometimes known, told the room that in the next ten years, the systematic approach the trading — the one she deploys — will prevail.

When it comes to making trades, there are two contrasting approaches —discretionary and systematic. Discretionary trading relies on the fund manager's own decision-making. Systematic trading uses computer models, research firm Preqin explained.

"I think in a world where there's regulatory pressures, investor pressure for lower fees ... I think the systematic approach will prevail in the long run. I think the next ten years for sure," Braga said.


Leda Braga

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