12 outubro 2019

Papel do orientador

Sobre o Nobel de Economia, é interessante que vários laureados tiveram seus pupilos também premiados. Eis uma relação:

Jan Tinbergen was an adviser of Koopmans.
Paul Samuelson was an adviser for Klein and Merton.
Kenneth Arrow advised the research of Harsanyi, Spence, Maskin, and Myerson.
Wassily Leontief advised Samuelson, Schelling, Solow, and Smith.
Richard Stone supervised the research of both Mirrlees and Deaton.
Franco Modigliani was Shiller’s adviser.
James Tobin advised Phelps.
Merton Miller advised Eugene Fama’s dissertation, and Fama advised Scholes’s.
Robert Solow supervised the work of Diamond, Akerlof, Stiglitz, and Nordhaus.
Thomas Schelling was Spence’s adviser.
Edward Prescott advised Kydland, with whom he shared the 2004 Nobel Prize.
Eric Maskin advised Tirole.
Christopher Sims advised Hansen.
Simon Kuznets supervised both Friedman and Fogel.

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