24 novembro 2016

Recado do papa aos contadores


Pope Francis has urged accountants to combat financial corruption. “In your work, you accountants support businesses, but also single families, by offering your economic and financial advice,” he told accountants in 2014. “I encourage you to always work responsibly, fostering relationships of loyalty, justice, if possible, of fraternity, bravely confronting especially the problems of the weakest and of the poorest. It is not enough to give practical answers to economic and material questions. It is necessary to generate and cultivate ethics of economy, of finance and of employment; it is necessary to maintain the value of solidarity— this word which today risks being taken out of the dictionary—solidarity as a moral approach, an expression of attention to others in all their legitimate needs.”

“There is a stronger temptation to defend one’s interest without concern for the common good, without paying much heed to justice and legality,” the pope added. “For this reason everyone, especially those who practice a profession which deals with the proper functioning of a country’s economic life, is asked to play a positive, constructive role in performing their daily work.”


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