24 novembro 2015

Brasileiro na fronteira da pesquisa em Matemática

Fernando Codá Marques (Princeton University) and André Neves (Imperial College London) will receive the 2016 AMS Oswald Veblen Prize in Geometry for "their remarkable work on variational problems in differential geometry [including] the proof of the Willmore conjecture." The prize citation points in particular to a paper by Codá Marques and Neves, "Min-max theory and the Willmore conjecture," Annals of Mathematics (2014).

As with many ground-breaking results in mathematics, the work of Codá Marques and Neves has illuminated new approaches to other significant questions, which they are actively pursuing.

Presented every three years, the AMS Veblen Prize is one of the highest distinctions for research in topology and geometry.

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