29 novembro 2021

Covid e a satisfação com a democracia

A crise de saúde poderia afetar a satisfação com o regime democrático? Aparentemente sim, mas não a ponto de fazer com que a população abrace regimes não democráticos. Uma pesquisa em 12 países, incluindo o Brasil, com 22.500 respondentes, verificou a influencia da pandemia na atitude das pessoas e o impacto na satisfação com o governo. Eis o resumo:

Beyond its immediate impact on public health and the economy, the COVID-19 pandemic has put democracy under stress. While a common view is that people should blame the government rather than the political system for bad crisis management, an opposing view is that dissatisfaction with government performance may cause deeper dissatisfaction with democracy even in consolidated democratic regimes. We use a pre-registered survey and experiment covering 12 countries and 22,500 respondents to examine the impact of the pandemic on public attitudes about incumbent governments, the functioning of democracy and support for different types of regimes. To estimate causal effects, we leverage experimental treatments using an instrumental variable design. We find that dissatisfaction with the government, which is equally driven by economic and health considerations, decreases satisfaction with how democracy works. However, it does not translate into an embrace of non-democratic regime types.

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