03 novembro 2021

Globalização e Big Data no mercado financeiro

Marc Flandreau argumenta que as empresas de tecnologia estão cada vez mais parecidas com bancos. O capital de hoje está muito parecido com o que ocorria no século XIX. Eis um trecho:

We argue that the clauses were valuable because they were information. While silent on the process whereby the assets would be repossessed, prospectuses were exceedingly detailed when it came to identifying the resource and describing the algorithm whereby information on foreign payments from the sources would be released. Sworn information intermediaries were involved, monitoring the execution of payments from, say, the borrower’s custom house. The funds became traceable in real-time: If for instance the money for the semester’s dividend was not forthcoming by a certain date specified in the contract, the intermediaries would write or telegraph to the agents for the loan London, and the credit event would be documented in the newspapers.

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