12 janeiro 2020

Necessidades Razoáveis

Assim como na contabilidade nós temos o valor justo, em processos judiciais com litígio de casais há a figura das "necessidades razoáveis". Eis um caso interessante descrito por Tracey Coenen. 

Dennis Quaid, um ator, fez um acordo no seu processo de separação. Existia a previsão de um apoio de 13.750 dólares/mês de apoio financeiro aos filhos e um percentual de acréscimo. Em 2019, o ator faturou cerca de 6,6 milhões/ano, o que aumentaria  o valor a ser pago para mais de 1,3 milhões. Um dos fatores considerados neste tipo de julgamento é um item denominado de "as necessidades razoáveis das crianças". Mas o que seria isto?

What is a “reasonable” need? The parties often disagree. But in general I suggest that we look at the standard of living that was established during the marriage, and use that as our basis for what is reasonable. In other words, it is reasonable to continue living the same lifestyle after the marriage ends. If a family lived in luxury housing, drove luxury cars, and wore high end clothing while the parents were married, it is probably not reasonable to expect that the children live in the most basic housing, with a beat-up car, and wearing thrift store clothing.

Back to the Quaids. The original child support of $165,000 per year is 12.7% of the base of $1.3 million. If we applied the same percentage to the income of $6.6 million, you’d have $838,200 in child support per year. There is probably a good argument that the children don’t need that much, and that their mother would be unfairly enriched by that amount of child support.

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