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15 setembro 2023

Mundo cada vez mais alfabetizado

A alfabetização não é apenas um direito humano e um ingrediente-chave para o desenvolvimento pessoal e social, mas também é um poderoso impulsionador da igualdade de gênero. Sem educação básica, meninas e mulheres são excluídas do acesso à informação e oportunidades de desenvolvimento pessoal, o que potencialmente as impede de participar plenamente na sociedade e solidificar os papéis de gênero tradicionais.

E embora tenha havido muito progresso na garantia de igualdade de acesso à educação para meninas e meninos, a lacuna de gênero na alfabetização persiste até hoje. No nível global, a taxa de alfabetização para mulheres com 15 anos ou mais era de 84% em 2020, em comparação com 90% para homens da mesma idade. Embora isso represente uma grande melhoria em relação às taxas de alfabetização de adultos de 59% (mulheres) e 76% (homens) em 1976, a diferença de 6% ainda equivale a 175 milhões de mulheres sem uma habilidade tão essencial que é considerada um direito humano.

De acordo com dados da UNESCO, as taxas de alfabetização de adultos do sexo feminino em países de baixa renda foram de 53% em 2020, em comparação com 69% para homens. Em alguns países, como o Afeganistão, menos de 3 em cada 10 mulheres com 15 anos ou mais sabem ler e escrever - um déficit que pode atrapalhar a igualdade de gênero por décadas.

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11 fevereiro 2015

Importância de saber Programação

In the winter of 2011, a handful of software engineers landed in Boston just ahead of a crippling snowstorm. They were there as part of Code for America, a program that places idealistic young coders and designers in city halls across the country for a year. They'd planned to spend it building a new website for Boston's public schools, but within days of their arrival, the city all but shut down and the coders were stuck fielding calls in the city's snow emergency center.

In such snowstorms, firefighters can waste precious minutes finding and digging out hydrants. A city employee told the CFA team that the planning department had a list of street addresses for Boston's 13,000 hydrants. "We figured, 'Surely someone on the block with a shovel would volunteer if they knew where to look,'" says Erik Michaels-Ober, one of the CFA coders. So they got out their laptops.
Screenshot from Adopt-a-Hydrant Code for America
Now, Boston has, a simple website that lets residents "adopt" hydrants across the city. The site displays a map of little hydrant icons. Green ones have been claimed by someone willing to dig them out after a storm, red ones are still available—500 hydrants were adopted last winter.

Maybe that doesn't seem like a lot, but consider what the city pays to keep it running: $9 a month in hosting costs. "I figured that even if it only led to a few fire hydrants being shoveled out, that could be the difference between life or death in a fire, so it was worth doing," Michaels-Ober says. And because the CFA team open-sourced the code, meaning they made it freely available for anyone to copy and modify, other cities can adapt it for practically pennies. It has been deployed in Providence, Anchorage, and Chicago. A Honolulu city employee heard about Adopt-a-Hydrant after cutbacks slashed his budget, and now Honolulu has Adopt-a-Siren, where volunteers can sign up to check for dead batteries in tsunami sirens across the city. In Oakland, it's Adopt-a-Drain.

Sounds great, right? These simple software solutions could save lives, and they were cheap and quick to build. Unfortunately, most cities will never get a CFA team, and most can't afford to keep a stable of sophisticated programmers in their employ, either. For that matter, neither can many software companies in Silicon Valley; the talent wars have gotten so bad that even brand-name tech firms have been forced to offer employees a bonus of upwards of $10,000 if they help recruit an engineer.

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