31 janeiro 2013

Sir David

O ex-presidente do International Accounting Standards, Sir David Tweedie, atacou o Financial Policy Committee inglês. O FPC tinha afirmado que as normas internacionais estavam superestimando os lucros. Aventou-se a possibilidade de adotar regras contábeis bancárias separadas. Tweedie é contra esta medida, que irá provocar mais problemas que resolvê-los.

Segundo o The Telegraph:

He [Tweedie] admitted that in 2008, the IASB recognised that banks needed to make more provisions. However, he insisted that it wasn’t the rules at fault but banks and their efforts to get around them. He insisted that the standards, which he helped introduce into the UK in 2005, “could of and should have worked...we expected [them] to work... but “behaviourally it wasn’t working.” The IASB “moved quickly” to address the problems, he said.

Sir David, who is now chairman of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland (ICAS), claimed that bank practises that were frowned on in Scotland and elsewhere in England were “considered damn good business in City London.”

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