18 dezembro 2007

Mudança no Fasb

Segundo o The New York Times (Overhaul Proposed in Accounting Standards Board, Floyd Norris, 18/12/2007), o Financial Accounting Foundation, entidade que regula as regras contábeis nos Estados Unidos, planeja fazer uma mudança organizacional para aumentar a rapidez do processo decisório. A proposta inclui a redução do tamanho do Fasb e aumentar o poder de decisão do Chairman.

FASB now has two jobs, one being its traditional one of setting accounting rules for public companies in the United States, and the second being to work for convergence with the rules of the International Accounting Standards Board, which sets rules in many other countries.

Under the proposal, the FASB would have to include one member from each of four backgrounds: investing, auditing, preparing financial statements for a company and academic accounting. The fifth member could be from any background.

The current seven-member board has no formal quotas, but it has usually included people from all of those areas, with at least two auditors.

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