17 maio 2007

Estados Unidos seguem a Inglaterra na Contabilidade?

Segundo o Financial Times de 16/05/2007, p. 1, Ben Bernanke, presidente do Banco Central Norte-Americano (FED), os Estados Unidos deveriam seguir a abordagem baseada em princípios da Inglaterra.

Bernanke calls for US to follow UK's 'principles-based' approach.

Ben Bernanke yesterday urged US financial watchdogs to look at the UK as a model for the way markets might be better regulated, weighing in behind the adoption of Britain's "principles-based, risk-focused" supervision.

The Federal Reserve chairman's comments are the clearest sign yet that senior US policymakers believe that there could be merits in copying some elements of the UK's use of more flexible regulations, a factor that is seen as having helped London attract business from the US.

His remarks come amid gathering concern that US capital markets risk slipping behind the rest of the world if the country does not integrate international accounting standards, reformits litigation system andsimplify duplicated regulations.(...)

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