02 outubro 2015

Decisões financeiras mudam com o envelhecimento


As the global population ages, older decision makers will be required to take greater responsibility for their own physical, psychological and financial well-being. With this in mind, researchers have begun to examine the effects of ageing on decision making and associated neural circuits. A new ‘affect-integration-motivation’ (AIM) framework may help to clarify how affective and motivational circuits support decision making. Recent research has shed light on whether and how ageing influences these circuits, providing an interdisciplinary account of how ageing can alter decision making.

Samanez-Larkin, Gregory R. and Knutson, Brian, Decision Making in the Ageing Brain: Changes in Affective and Motivational Circuits (May 1, 2015). Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 16 (5), 278-289.. Available at SSRN:

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