22 setembro 2015

Por que as ações da Volks despencaram?

ON SEPTEMBER 21st, the share price of Volkswagen (VW), the world's largest carmaker by units produced, fell by 17% in just one day. Investors dumped the firm's shares after it was accused by America's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of cheating emission tests on its diesel-powered vehicles. Although Volkswagen's chief executive, Martin Winterkorn, has apologised for faking the data, the carmaker could still face a fine of up to $18 billion—and even more if regulators find that it has committed any more misdemeanours in Europe and Asia.

Yet the fall in the firm's share price is not simply the result of the scale of the potential fine. The final figure may well be much less, particularly if VW co-operates with regulators. Investors have also been spooked by its other problems, which the latest scandal have made worse.

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