18 junho 2015

O efeito Gordon Gekko: consequencias da cultura na industria financeira

The Gordon Gekko Effect: The Role of Culture in the Financial Industry
Andrew W. Lo
NBER Working Paper No. 21267
June 2015
JEL No. G01,G28,G3,M14,Z1


Culture is a potent force in shaping individual and group behavior, yet it has received scant attention in the context of financial risk management and the recent financial crisis. I present a brief overview of the role of culture according to psychologists, sociologists, and economists, and then present a specific
framework for analyzing culture in the context of financial practices and institutions in which three questions are answered: (1) What is culture?; (2) Does it matter?; and (3) Can it be changed? I illustrate the utility of this framework by applying it to five concrete situations—Long Term Capital Management; AIG Financial Products; Lehman Brothers and Repo 105; Société Générale’s rogue trader; and the
SEC and the Madoff Ponzi scheme—and conclude with a proposal to change culture via “behavioralrisk management.

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