04 setembro 2015

Um rara entrevista com Jim Simon, o matemático bilionário filantropo

As a mathematician who cracked codes for the National Security Agency on the side, Jim Simons had already revolutionized geometry -- and incidentally laid the foundation for string theory -- when he began to get restless. Along with a few hand-picked colleagues he started the investment firm that went on to become Renaissance, a hedge fund working with hitherto untapped algorithms, and became a billionaire in the process.

Now retired as Renaissance’s CEO, Simons devotes his time to mathematics and philanthropy. The Simons Foundation has committed more than a billion dollars to math and science education and to autism research.

Whether Simons is building charities, plotting strategies or contemplating his own legacy, it always comes back to the math.” — Bloomberg, January 2008 

 Aqui uma reportagem muito interessante que conta a história de Jim Simons

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