30 julho 2015

Dados contábeis, valores do mercado e retorno esperado


Under fairly general assumptions, expected stock returns are a linear combination of two firm fundamentals―book-to-market ratio and return on equity. This parsimonious relation is pervasive, producing expected return proxies (ERP) that predict the cross section of out-of-sample returns in 26 of 29 international equity markets. The average slope coefficient on the ERP is a highly significant 1.05. In contrast, factor-model-based proxies fail to exhibit predictive power worldwide. Integrating the model with a dynamic information structure, we show analytically, and verify empirically, that the importance of return on equity in forecasting future stock returns depends on the quality of the accounting information. This extension also reconciles our model with alternative characteristic-based forecasters. These findings suggest that a tractable accounting-based valuation model provides a unifying framework for obtaining reliable proxies of expected returns worldwide.

Chattopadhyay, Akash, Matthew R. Lyle, and Charles C.Y. Wang. "Accounting Data, Market Values, and the Cross Section of Expected Returns Worldwide." Harvard Business School Working Paper, No. 15-092, June 2015.

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